So we returned from our honeymoon, everything was going great except the fact that our leaves are over and have to start going office again.

Anyways, after a week (somewhere in the month of June 2018) I was getting ready and I saw one big red mark on my arm and it was itching like hell. At that moment I just thought my arm got rubbed with some wall or something. So, I itched and forgot. Welcome to the world of allergy i.e, Urticaria

So I decided to visit Dermatologist, she gave me some allergy tablets and said it will be fine in one week. But little I knew that it is going to stay with me for one good year.

I started seeing these marks frequently and started bothering me. If I itch the surface of my skin use to swell and become even red.

You won’t believe I use to keep allergy tab with me like people keep their mobile phones with them. I lost hope that I will ever get rid of this allergy but I did recover from this allergy after one year. By the way how I got rid of it is itself a story(stay tuned for this story)

Lastly, I want to say that anyone suffering from urticaria have to maintain calm and be patient.

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