My daily face routine

Hello Friends,

How many times it happened with you that you saw your face in mirror and felt absolute disgust by the way your skin is looking. I mean, come on let’s face this. We all (ok fine, most of us) have pigmentation, uneven skin tone ,acne, rashes, fine lines ,wrinkles, large pores other aging signs. And I am not different. BUT, no more. I have decided to listen to my face and give time and energy.

So here is what I started from last 5 days and can see huge difference.

Drinking water in morning.

Nothing new right! But how many times we actually do this. One thing which personally helps me in drinking more water is drinking water in glass and not directly from bottle (just my thing). Water helps in removing all the toxic accumulated overnight and flushes it out. Simple, right?

Potato ice cubes

This is what I do :

Peel potato and crush it into small pieces. Grind these potato cubes with 10 seeds of pomegranate and little water. put 4-5 drops of lemon juice in that mixture. Once this mixture is ready put this into ice tray of freezer and let it freeze.

Take one ice cube daily in morning and rub on all over your face. Cold sensation will increase the blood circulation on surface of face and brings glow.

I can really feel the difference in my skin. I feel it looks more even toned and patches are fading away. And you know what I see little shine on my cheek bones ๐Ÿ™‚

Glyco 6 cream

This is a new addition in my routine and I have to say it is working!! So basically it is a cream with 6% glycolic acid in it which slowly peels(exfoliate) dead skin of the face and new skin appears. I am applying at night on full face specially near my mouth area as it has pigmentation and I wash it off early morning. I am loving the results.

If you have very sensitive skin check with your dermatologist first.

Apply sun screen

This took very long for me to adapt to this habit. But slowly I realized that pigmentation happens due to ultra violet rays and if we are using any exfoliating product(in my case glycolic 6) you cannot avoid applying sun screen otherwise it will backfire and result into dark patches. You can choose any available sun screen available in market. I use lotus spf 40.

Girls, we all deserve clean and better face. Try bringing discipline and you will definitely see the difference.

All the best!!!

4 thoughts on “My daily face routine

  1. Very true…..simple things make huge difference..I follow few of them and results are awesome…try it out girls even boys in that matter…. Thanks for posting..keep going!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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