Change – the only constant

I came into this world in 1988 and grew in various states of north India. Talking about memory, I have very first memory of me playing outside with my sister nearly at the age of 4. Today I am 32, Let me look back and see how much has world got changed since then.

Here are few things I miss from old days

Letters – heard of this? oh, you did. But have to wrote any? ummm No? Well, I remember I used to write and receive letters back in 90’s. So, my dad was in defence and he used get posted in remote places of country. There were no landline phone.Letters were only way of communication.I know that long wait of receiving a letter from your loved ones. There used to be a calmness and patience in old times. Unlike today people become panic or restless if some one doesn’t answer a phone call or for that matter sees blue tick but no reply(you know what I mean!)

Inflation – when I was in school I used to get only 50 paisa as pocket money and my friend will get another 50 paisa making it 1 rupee so now we can enjoy hot samosa in school canteen. My elder sibling did their schooling with fees of Rs. 5 per month, and today one candy will costs you more than 5 bucks.

Television – Too many cooks spoils the dish. I completly agree.Back then we were all happy watching Rangoli at 7 —Ramayana at 10 — Shaktiman at 12DD News at 2 — Movie at 4 aren’t we? what a lovely united nation! everyone were on same page. And let’s not talk about what media and entertainment model is in place today. all mess!

Technology – I am working from last 11 years and I never visited Bank for anything not even fir account opening. And this concept of online banking is total alien to my father.Whereas my 1 year old niece knows how to skip ads in youtube like a pro!

Everything has become technical these days, including relationships. From match making to match breaking everything is technical.

Mindset – why the same heat in which we used to play hours and hours in childhood, doesn’t go down well these days? Why do we feel uncomfortable beyond 2 days of a relative’s visit? we cannot stand by long queue, little delay, criticism, advise, rejection and what not.

There are plenty of things which has changed around us and I am embracing it, but given a chance I would love to bring back the simplicity we had in our lives back then

Given a chance, what would you like to change? Share your thoughts.

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