What happened when I stopped eating sugar for a year?

Hello friends, In today’s topic I will share my body and mental transformation I achieved just by eleminating sugar from my diet.

I remember it was January 2019 when me and my husband were discussing what is the easiest and laziest thing we can do towards improving our lifestyle.Let me tell you that we both are not over weight person and has average body. We started off with all fancy ideas of joining gym, yoga, meditation, zumba and it sounded quite a hard work. Then we reminded ourselves, find easiest and laziest idea.

Lets cut down on our calorie intake then“, he said. it sounded cool to me and I agreed. It was his idea to completely quit sugar from our diet and replace it with jaggery. So we got two packets of organic jaggery and kept the sugar for making tea just for guests.

All my Indian friends will agree with me that tea is important part of our life, rather a good tea. So, initially we were hesitant that jaggery will ruin taste of tea. But after having first sip we exchanged a look of “not bad”. Idea was hit. Slowly and steadily we cut down the sugar completely from our diet.

We completed a month without sugar and here are the changes we could see now-

Mindset change– We don’t like sugar anymore. It was like moving on after a breakup. Mentally, we were completely withdrawn from using sugar and felt much more satisfied by using jaggery.

Once we quit sugar, we automatically stopped other junk food item. Only once a week we decided to have something sweet if we really crave. And its very important to not to kill your cravings otherwise you will end up eating a lot.

Body felt light– This was the happiest change we welcomed. we didn’t lose any considerate weight but our body started feeling so much light on feet. Sugar contains high calorie and it takes a lot to digest and process this calorie and this will lead to make you sleepy and inactive.

We continued following and improving our diet and completed one year without purchasing sugar. Even with very minimal exercise we were able to maintain healthy weight.

Lost inches– There was no major drop in my weight up until now but all my clothes started fitting me so well. Those tight quarter arm dresses feels loose and comfy. My face cut has definetely improved after losing extra fat from my cheeks. My ring doesn’t fit me too well and it feels amazing to shed extras.

Did I tell you I received so many compliments when I visited my in laws at the end of year. Almost everyone stopped by and asked for the secret. The secret which I am sharing with you all today.

CONCLUSION: If we start implementing one food discipline other will simply follows. It is a psychological shift. I hope this will help to someone in starting their fitness goal.


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