I may sound mean but with all this chaos going around us, there are some positive things popping.

Mother nature is breathing and enjoying, I feel good about it. All the rivers are cleaning up on its own because of less human activity. I don’t recall when did I last see constellation in the sky, well I can see clearly up in the sky today.

Oh then those birds who are singing all day long. Empty roads and flyovers not a great sight but guys let’s give this speedy life some rest.

Families spending more time together.Now I am realising what are we missing in life. Sitting in the balcony and sipping cup of tea together everyday is special. Cooking together and laughing on each other’s failed dish is nothing but creating memory.

Kids are not getting enough of their parents on all days unlike earlier.

Oldies getting much deserved love, care and attention to health by their kids. People are taking out time to call their parents and keeping check on them.

May be this  is a reminder to humanity that we are still nothing when it comes to nature. A small virus which we can’t even see with our naked eyes has gulped our half of the year and still going strong.

Lastely, I want to salute the front line soldiers: medical staff, defence, scientist who are working day and night to save our life.

I wish and hope this humanity and love developed within us in last couple of months for each other stays with us.

Remember – “we are not on earth, we are earth”


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