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Debunking software industry myths

We can function without google, fact is no we can’t. We will die without it.

We all are nerdy, smart and geek, sorry dumb-ass(es) are everywhere!

We can fix any electronic item. Duh!

It needs engineering degree to be software engineer. Nope, all you need is skill.

That we all fetch handsome amount(not all of us)

We know every latest technology.

That we are boring, Oh please!

That we make frequent foreign trips.

Not all of us hang access badge to our neck. that’s not our dress code.

Corporate affairs, such a hype.

Last but not least that we don’t have a life. We do have our life mostly in traffic 😛

My favourite yoga poses

simple but powerful- anulom vilom pranayama(Alternate nostril breathing). This opens up your energy channels. brings a balance to your mind. Do it properly for 5 minutes and see the difference it brings to your breathing.
Sarvasana(corpse pose). It is a common relaxing pose which has direct impact on your digestive system. Next time when you feel heavy after meal try this pose.
plank pose- strengthens your arms, wrists and spine and tones your stomach.
Adho mukha svanasana(downward dog pose). Stretches your hamstrings, shoulders, calves, arches, hands, and spine. it also brings glow to your skin as it improves blood circulation
Another variation of Adho mukha svanasana – super relaxing.
Ardha Bhujangasana (half cobra pose)- open up your lungs and breathe-in. this will bring flexibility in your spine.
Virabhadrasana (Warrior pose) – looks easy but can give tough time to hold your self in this posture. good exercise to improve balance of the body.
Sarvangasana (shoulder stand).ultimate exercise to promote good blood circulation, calm the nerves, decrease depression and anxiety symptoms.

Challenge yourself to be disciplined for next 2 weeks and see the difference.

Have a happy yoga! 🙂

Tips to improve eye sight

I am wearing spectacles from almost 20 decades and managed to improve my eye sight gradually. I am a short sighted which means distant objects appear blur to me. Irrespective of being short sighted or long sighted, you must take care of your eyes.

After spending hours and hours in front of laptops,television,mobile or any electronic screen we all experience heaviness on eyes or on forehead. This is because of the over-activity of eyes which results in tension on nerves around our eyes and skull area.

To release this tension and get instant relief you can follow simple steps:

  1. Roll your eyes- What do we do to release pain after long hours of sitting- we stretch, right? same applies to eyes. Roll your eyes in all direction to give a nice stretch to your eyes nerves. do it for at least 5-7 minutes to see the difference. instantly you will feel improvement in your sight. you can also splash cold water on your eyes to relieve the fatigue.
  2. Close your eyes – Rest, Repair, Recover. Going by this rule you have to give some rest to your eyes, they too work hard. make a habit to take small breaks from monitor/screen and close your eyes for few seconds.
  3. Eat greens – You become what you eat! So, include enough veggies and vitamin A, E and C in your diet. cut a carrot, cucumber, grapes, apple and oranges in pieces and carry it for your 4 o’clock break. Not just on eyes but you will see difference on your facial skin too.
  4. Don’t wear your glasses every time – Yes, this worked for me to improve my sight over a period of time by not wearing my glasses all day long. By not using my power glass I give my eyes a chance to adjust naturally on its own and try to form images correctly.
  5. Warm your eyes – rub your palms together for 9-10 seconds to create heat and place them on your eyes. Repeat this for 3-5 times continuously.

Hope this will help!

He said –

“For the one who makes my happiness shine,
For the one whose smile is a sparkling wine,
For the one for whom my faith is blind,
And for the one with whom my stars got aligned,

Love you today, tomorrow and till the end of time
You will eternally be my valentine!!”

Happy Valentines Day!!

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